Brief Introduction of Wei-Gong Memorial Hospital

¡@¡@In the (nineteen) seventies, mining industry was vigorously developed along the Jhung-Gang river area of Miaoli County, and a large number of these miners were suffering from occupational lung and respiratory diseases. During that period, there is a short of a complete healthcare facility in the area, and severely ill patients had to go to a bigger city to seek medical attention and have to suffer the inconvenience of leaving one¡¦s hometown. ¡§I REALLY HAVE TO DO SOMETHING TO HELP MY HOMETOWN¡¨ said Chairman Yi-Ting Lin. For this reason, he established the Miner¡¦s Hospital, Tou-Fen branch in 1984. As an act of dedication and gratitude, he donated the entire hospital¡¦s assets to the society, and renamed it ¡§Wei-Gong Memorial Hospital¡¨ in June of 1994. After years of establishment and struggle, this hospital had grown to 1,284 bed capacity, beholding the title as the largest medical facility in the Hsin-Chu and Miaoli region.

¡@¡@For the past twenty years, we have provided medical services to over 530,000 patients, and have recruited many outstanding healthcare professionals, which had helped the hospital to grow stronger. The Ren-Ai and Hsin-Yi Buildings are located at the center of Tou-Fen municipality; meanwhile, the Tung-Hsing Building is located near the beautiful sceneries of Yung-Ho Shan reservoir. The entire members of Wei-Gong Memorial Hospital are dedicated in serving this community, and stand on its motto being health guardian of the community. Under the supervision of former hospital administrator, Dr. Shih-Ming Shieh, established the Department of Community Medicine, coordinating resources from the government and community sectors, making it possible for the healthcare team to reach the entire community. Furthermore, in order to provide better and more convenient medical services to the area, we have joint venture with Tou-Fen¡¦s Chong-Ren hospital and Ju-Nan¡¦s Houng-Ren clinic in terms of training, education and joint administration. This created a biphasic collaboration model of out-patient, in-patient, medical laboratories, image studies, and other health service-related items, with our medical professionals as a backbone of the system. By sharing regional healthcare resources with our partners, together, we enhanced the goal of achieving quality medical care.

¡@¡@We believe that being a guardian of the health of this community is a life-time commitment. All the efforts we made are hopeful in changing our healthcare team image into a good, reliable and friendly neighbor of this community. No matter now or in the future, all the glories that Wei-Gong achieved will be credited to the beautiful people living in this beautiful land.